Frequently asked questions

1. What do the sizes S, M, L, … XXL by the chairs mean?

The sizes S, M, L … XXL refer to the height as well as the weight of the user. Please check the sizes and the maximum charge given for any given chair before purchasing.
Should you have any questions regarding the choice of chair, please phone us on +48 18 5 488 488 or write to us at quersus@quersus.com

2. What are the differences between the lines?

We offer three lines of Quersus chairs: EVOS 300 and VAOS 500.

The corresponding first number refers to a particular line of chair:
The number 3 at the beginning – EVOS line chair – symbol E300
The number 5 at the beginning – VAOS line chair – symbol V500

These lines differ primarily in the design of the seat, backrest, their size and permitted maximum charge. Within each line (Evos, Vaos) there are designs that differ from one another due to the cover material used (this is marked using the final number - …1/ …2/ …3 – see description below)

Differences in covering:

E301/V501 - Breathable fabric + faux leather (inserts on the edges of the seat and the backrest in 5 colours*), fabric cushion with stitching in the colour matching the chair is included.

E302/V502 - Faux leather + inserts in 9/10 colours** on the seat and backrest (also in faux leather), faux leather cushion in black with matching side panels in the same colour as the chair.

E303/V503 - Faux leather + smart stitching on the seat and backrest (available in 3 colours***), faux leather cushion in black with corresponding decorative stitching in one of 3 colours.

* black, white, grey, red, blue
** black, white, grey, red, blue, violet, pink, orange, yellow, green.
*** black, red, white.

3. Does the chair come with a headrest cushion?

Yes, each chair comes with a matching headrest pillow.

4. Can you buy just the headrest cushion?

Yes, you can, but only in faux leather.

5. What is personalization and how much does it cost?

Personalization is computerized embroidery applied to the headrest cushion, in accordance with your own design. It can be your name, pseudonym or logo.
The MyQuersus tab (http://www.quersus.com/pl/muquersus.html) gives a list of available fonts, colours and the maximum size that your design must have. The link also shows some examples of our designs.

The cost of embroidery is 29 €. Personalisation is only available if you purchase a chair or a headrest cushion. Embroidery can only be carried out on the headrest cushion. With any purchase of a Special Edition chair, it is only possible to embroider text (pseudonym, name etc). For the embroidery to proceed smoothly, a signed declaration is required relating to authorship rights to the image/text. It also confirms the acceptance of our terms and conditions relating to personalization (embroidered items cannot be returned).
The maximum time allowed for realization is 7 working days. However, the embroidery is generally ready on the following working day (provided we receive a complete set of documents/files). Any questions, information concerning the embroidery, a scanned copy of the completed and signed declaration, as well as a file with the logo, need to be sent to us at the following email address:

6. Can I return the chair?

Yes, this is possible within 14 days of the date of receipt, without giving a reason. The return costs are paid by the purchaser. (See point 8 in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS).

7. What is the guarantee on Quersus chairs?

The chair is guaranteed for two years.

8. Can damaged parts of the chair be replaced?

We do have spare parts for our chairs in case they are needed. When the claim is accepted, parts are sent out in accordance with the terms of the guarantee.
Should there be a need to buy a spare part after the warranty period, you need only contact us (via mail or phone) and we will then enable you to buy the necessary part.

Please contact us by phone on +48 18 5 48 84 88 or via email at the following address: quersus@quersus.com

9. Can you pay C.O.D. (cash on delivery)?

It is not possible to pay cash on delivery.

10. What payment methods are available?

You may pay via a normal bank transfer or bank card.

We allow 7 days for receipt of a bank transfer payment. After this time, if payment has not been received, the order is cancelled.

11. Where can I try out Quersus chairs?

All our products can be tested and guidance is given on the choice of a chair at our Head Office in Podrzecze, near Nowy Sącz in Poland. We are also present at numerous events all over Europe.

QUERSUS chairs may be seen live during e-sport tournaments and tried out in person in game rooms. If you would like to know the next location where we will be present, please look at our events page on our website, or follow us on Social Media.