ICOS Carbon Fiber

Made for you

Size: universal

Positive durability and safety test
Complies with standards: EN 1335-1:2020 i EN 1335-2:2018


Unique edition combining genuine Italian Alcantara with stylish carbon fiber
ICOS is an ultra innovative chair.


ICOS was created by our experienced Polish designers. Patented modern form with a timeless design and improved ergonomics.

Form designed and patented by Quersus.

Upholstery and materials

ICOS Carbon Fiber has been manufactured
with the best materials and upholstery fabrics on the market



The chair is constructed using the latest technology from high quality materials which are resistant to breakage or cracks under heavy loads. This ensures that it is lighter than traditional gaming chairs whilst at the same time being very durable.

Perfect stability

Intracostalconstruction involves creating the structure in one form without joints. Due to the appropriate ribbing, the chair will not deform, keeping its shape for many years. Maintains the user in the correct position.

Resistance to breakage

Using the latest technology and specially selected materials, ensures that the structure is resistant to high loads, it does not break or crack.

The highest quality foam


High quality cold-cure foam was used to fill the chair. The frame is completely covered by foam. The seat and backrest do not deform and the upholstery will not wrinkle.


Density: 55 kg / m3

The optimised foam density significantly increases its resistance to compression. The foam is durable, springy, whilst at the same time having optimal softness. Since the seat and backrest construction have flat surfaces, there is no need to use higher density foam.

Improved Technology

The improved technology allows the air pockets to be strategically placed throughout the foam, enabling you to enjoy comfortable seating for many years.


MAXIMUS SYNCHRO - with seat length adjustment

The ICOS chair is equipped with the MS (MAXIMUS SYNCHRO) synchronous mechanism, the most important functions of which are operated using knobs located under the armrests. This mechanism automatically tilts the backrest and seat for optimal seating comfort. It has an Anti-Shock system, to prevent the backrest from hitting the back. It is one of the newer solutions improving the ergonomics of gaming and office chairs.

Advantages of the synchro-tilt mechanism:

  • increases the dynamics of the chair
  • ensures full contact with the backrest
  • allows the body muscles to move more during the day
  • simple adjustment
  • synchronous operation can be blocked and voltage to body weight set
  • the possibility of adjusting the length of the seat

Aluminium base

It emphasizes the ergonomics of the chair and gives it dynamics. Super-durable - additionally strengthened from the inside.
The base is made of aluminium - very solid - all this to provide you with a solid foundation for stable and unrestricted use of the chair.

Form designed and patented by Quersus.



The ICOS chair was designed for long hours spent in front of the computer, to ensure the highest possible comfort, while reducing the fatigue resulting from long-term sitting thanks to the use of new design technology that improves ergonomics.

Properly contoured seat
in the knee area for better blood circulation in the legs. With this well-thought-out design, you can freely place your feet under the seat and not feel any numbness in your legs.
Spacious backrest and seat
with improved ergonomics and an interesting design, these are smoothly shaped to adhere perfectly to the body without unnecessary pressure areas. The forms of the back and seat are designed to maximise your comfort, whatever your build.
RESTFLOW adjustable headrest
Inspired by the functionality of car seats, we have designed an adjustable headrest that enables you to adjust the height according to your requirements.
Ergonomic armrests with a soft pad
provide comfortable support for the forearms. Made of high-quality materials.

Chair parameters

Please read the parameters carefully before purchasing.

Total product weight 31,5 kg
Cartonbox size 80 x 70 x 38,3 cm
Max. load 150 kg
Max. tilt 140 °
Construction material composite plastic
+ Carbon Fiber
Base material painted aluminum
Wheel material plastic + polyurethane (PU)
Armrest material plastic + stainless steel + PU
Type of armrests 4D (adjustable in 4 directions)
Mechanism material galvanized and painted steel
Type of mechanism synchronic
Filling cold foam

Chair functions

IQOS has many functions that help to optimally adjust the chair to the user.

Adjust the chair height to suit you.
The inclination of the backrest of the chair will allow you to relax during a long session in front of the computer.
Adjustment of the distance between the seat and the backrest.
Adjustable headrest RESTFLOW to the desired height allows you to adjust it to your height and the nature of your work.
Adjustable 4D armrests with a soft polyurethane pad provide excellent support for your shoulders.
Smooth running wheels with polyurethane coating that do not damage the floor.

QUERSUS Fixed Feet

Office chair feet, designed and patented by Quersus

5 pcs.

quersus promo Perfect for use in a stationary manner

quersus promo Universal feet suitable for most office chairs

quersus promo Rubber base which avoids scratching of floors

quersus promo Made of high quality materials

quersus promo Stylish, modern design

quersus fixed feet



Personalise the chair with your name, nickname or logo and enjoy an exceptional product.

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    • Computer embroidery
    • Maximum area:
    • Large selection of fonts and colours
      - number of colours: 20
      - number of fonts: 20
    • Large choice of ready made graphic images
    • Embroidery in the most visible place
    • Fast turn around time
    • Stitching durability
    • High precision sewing