QUERSUS chair VAOS.3 Karmine Corp

Cover: Quersus Karmine covered in navy SWF faux suede

Quersus chair with embroidery featuring the Karmine Corp LoL E-Sport Team, founded by Kameto and Prime in France. Covered in a revolutionary faux suede whose dominant colour is navy blue.

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Upholstery Technical Specification


Improved ergonomics

VAOS.3 seats are more comfortable as a result of improved ergonomics.

Improved seat profile
The seat profile has been modified to enable greater comfort when sitting with knees tightly flexed.
Widened backrest and seat
We have widened the seat compared to the previous model VAOS.2, making the seat more versatile. Whether you are slim or well built, the seat and backrest will give you maximum comfort.
Ergonomic armrests designed by QUERSUS
To increase the ergonomics of our chairs, we have designed a new armrest with an appropriately shaped pad. The armrest is softer, more fitting, stable, durable, no unnecessary buttons while maintaining the same functions as in previous VAOS.2 models.

Ergonomic Lumbar Support


One Dual-Use Knob

Lumbar support system with adjustment in 4 directions:
A - position relative to depth,
B - position relative to height - before adjustment, the knob must be pulled out

Replaceable armrest pad

We will soon be creating different armrest pads in terms of shape and material, which you can swap out as desired. This is why we have made it possible to detach the pads on these armrests. It is very easy to replace them by simply turning the locking pin counterclockwise to detach the pad, and after fitting the new one, turn the pin clockwise.

VAOS.2 vs VAOS.3

Changes we made when creating the VAOS.3 model.

Improved seat form
- wider backrest and seat
- chair is less close fitting - suitable for both slim users and those of a larger build
- improved seat profile
Improved, ergonomic lumbar mechanism
- adjustable in four directions
- one dual use knob
- improved design and fixing of the knob
Improved armrests
- improved ergonomics
- a softer and replaceable pad
- greater stability and reliability
- aluminium and steel parts: black chrome
and features
VAOS.3 Karmine Corp
How to order

Chair parameters

Please read the parameters carefully before purchasing.

Total product weight 31 kg
Size of packaging 2 cartonbox: 90x61x28.5cm, 76x73,5x17cm
Max. load 150 kg
Max. tilt 140 °
Construction material Galvanized and painted steel
Base material painted aluminum
Wheel material plastic + polyurethane (PU)
Armrest material plastic + stainless steel + PU
Type of armrests 4D (adjustable in 4 directions)
Mechanism material Galvanized and painted steel
Type of mechanism synchronic
Filling Second generation
3-layer foam


Quersus ICOS Test

ICOS Edition One

Made for you
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ICOS Carbon Fiber

Italian Alcantara with stylish carbon fiber
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Water-repellent and fire-resistant fabric

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Resistant to fire and animal scratches

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An improved version of the VAOS chair
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Used by your favorite creators and celebrities

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