Personalization MYQUERSUS


You can now personalise your QUERSUS chair with your own name or logo, embroidered on the headrest cushion (EVOS, VAOS, GEOS chairs) or on the chair headrest (ICOS chairs). This can be your name, nickname or logo.

Top quality workmanship for a top quality product!

  • Computer embroidery
  • Embroidery in the most visible place
  • Embroidery area:

    For ICOS chairs

    For EVOS, VAOS chairs

    For Special Editions

  • Wide choice of thread colours and fonts

  • Large choice of ready made graphic images

  • Fast turn around time
  • Stitching durability
  • High precision sewing

Description of the working area of the MYQUERSUS editor

centred horizontally
centred vertically
centred within the entire area
mirror image vertically
mirror image horizontally
removing graphics or text
move upwards
move downwards
move to the left
move to the right
top layer on the underside
lower layer uppermost
adding an image from your own device
adding an text
adding an image from the album of ready prepared images
text editing tool
choice of text colour
choice of font typeface
save the image and proceed with purchase

Example of creating the MYQUERSUS personalisation

MYQUERSUS personalisation Policy

The embroidery can contain any combination of letters, numbers, lines and shapes. The submitted embroidery must adhere to the guidelines listed below. QUERSUS reserves the right to reject any proposed embroidery.

The proposed embroidery will be rejected if it contains:
- Content which could be interpreted as inciting violence;
- Insulting or discriminatory material;
- Inappropriate slang;
- Profanities ;
- Any material we would not wish to appear on our product
- Any content that violates the trademark of a third party or their intellectual property rights (such as professional sports teams, celebrity names, phrases, words, or colour or design combinations used with certain words).
- complicated images with graduated colours, with shading, with tiny details (in designing the image please note that the image is embroidered using threads and not printed)

If the design does not meet our guidelines, you will be informed by email and the order will be suspended until another image is received, or the image is revised.

In sending us an image, the purchaser declares that he is its owner, is in possession of the authorship rights or has acquired the right to use it.

We reserve the right to substitute the colours in the image submitted with those that are closest in colour to the threads in our possession (see above).