Set of large wheels 70mm

Set of large soft wheels 70 mm for Quersus chair. Quiet, non-marking, smooth movement. Please contact us: quersus@quersus.com to obtain the access code

warranty: 24 months
availability: low on stock
Product available only with access code

25.00 €

QUERSUS Fixed Feet

Office chair feet, designed and patented by Quersus

5 pcs.

quersus promo Perfect for use in a stationary manner

quersus promo Uniwersal feet suitable for most office chairs

quersus promo Rubber base which avoids scratching of floors

quersus promo Made of high quality materials

quersus promo Stylish, modern design

quersus fixed feet

ICOS Edition One

Made for you
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ICOS Carbon Fiber

Italian Alcantara with stylish carbon fiber
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Water-repellent and fire-resistant fabric

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Resistant to fire and animal scratches

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An improved version of the VAOS chair
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QUERSUS Fixed Feet
Feet for office chairs
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