New release of ICOS.1.1 and ICOS.1.2

We are delighted at your interest in our new flagship ICOS series, so we have decided to introduce to you:
2 new editions of the ICOS.1.1 and ICOS.1.2 line of chairs, in multiple colour options. Both editions were created using extremely durable water-repellent and fire-resistant fabric. Pet owners will be pleased to know that the ICOS.1.2 upholstery is pet-friendly, so your favourite chair will not be at risk of being shredded by your cat. We have used the same care and attention to quality in making both the ICOS.1.1 and the ICOS.1.2. We are so confident in the robustness and durability of these products that we are offering them with an unparalleled 5 year long guarantee.

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